Horizontal measures

In many cases, obstacles and bottlenecks occur, especially at borders, due to the lack of policy and administrative interoperability and harmonisation. Common market rules that reflect the best international practice and seamless logistic processes are important for the development of international trade and exchanges and the implementation of the priority axes and projects. The diversity in railway signalling, information and telecommunication systems used in the countries of the Northern Dimension region constitutes a major obstacle to the integration of the different national transport and logistics systems.

The partnership’s role will be to identify non-infrastructure related bottlenecks, to propose measures relevant to removing them and to monitor the implementation of such measures in a systematic way. To do this, the partnership will develop and agree on a coherent approach for the identification of the above-mentioned bottlenecks, their assessment and prioritisation as well as effective monitoring. However, it is emphasised that, given their broad and general nature, many of the horizontal measures should be agreed upon and implemented by structures created for this purpose.