The NDPTL Support Fund is a tool to practically advance the NDPTL priorities. Any project applications are reviewed by the NDPTL Steering Committee. The funding decision is made by the NDPTL Assembly of Donors. Currently the Assembly of Donors consists of the European Commission (Chair), Finland, Germany and Norway.

The NDPTL Secretariat provides help and support for the applicants on all stages – from analysis of the project ideas through preparing applications to participating in the making of the Grant Agreements. Funded NDPTL projects are to fulfil main NDPTL goals – improve transport connections in the ND region, eliminating infrastructural and administrative bottle-necks, raising safety and reducing environmental impact. The regional effect of a project is very important component in its eligibility.

Submissions and deadlines

NDPTL Support Fund applications are submitted to the Secretariat using the NDPTL Project Application Form available.

The NDPTL Support fund has an open call for projects. Applications can thus be submitted all year round.

However, kindly mind that the NDPTL Steering Committee, which is to discuss and endorse the project proposal, gathers normally twice a year, in Autumn and in Spring. After discussion at the Steering Committee the application is forwarded to the Assembly of Donors. For this reason, the whole process – from the project idea to the Grant Agreement may take several months. In some cases, if a project is highly actual and relevant for NDPTL, an application can also be processed by the Steering Committee and the Assembly of Donors via correspondence without the need to wait for the next meeting.

It is advisable to take contact with the NDPTL Secretariat before the start of an application initiative.