The Northern Dimension partnership on Transport and Logistics (NDPTL) is an intergovernmental initiative with the mission to facilitate improvements of transport connections and logistics, enabling sustainable development in the Northern Dimension region.

Current priority topics of the NDPTL cooperation are defined in the NDPTL Road Map 2019-2024: green transport, digitalisation and automatization, safety, new emerging trade routes and sharing best practices in transport education.

Project Funding

NDPTL aims to accelerate the implementation of transport projects in the NDPTL area by providing funding to studies, planning and preparatory stages via the NDPTL Support Fund.

Regional Cooperation

The NDPTL serves also as a regional forum for transport and logistics issues and complements the work of cooperation structures already in existence. Representatives of
the NDPTL partner countries and the Eu commission meet regularly in the meetings of the NDPTL Steering Committee and High-Level Meetings.

NDPTL is a part of the overall Northern Dimension (ND) which is a joint policy between EU, Russia, Norway and Iceland to consolidate stability, welfare and sustainable development in the Northern Europe. The ND Policy was initiated in 1999 and renewed in 2006.

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