EFTI4EU 2023-2026 (CEF-T)

The eFTI4EU project focuses on co-creating jointly interoperable technical systemssolutions required by the Regulation EU No 2020/1056 on electronic Freight Transport Information (in short “eFTI Regulation”), with activities divided to Work Package (WP) 1 on horizontal alignment activities (on road map, technical interoperability, governance, content and accessibility as well as certification), WP2 on piloting of the solutions as well as WP3 on dissemination.

The aim of the eFTI regulation is to foster an apply the digitalization of freight transport and logistics to reduce administrative costs, improve enforcement capabilities of competent authorities, and enhance the efficiency and sustainability of transport. Aim is to also support the shift from paper-based supply chains towards digital processes.


As project partner, the NDPTL Secretariat will contribute to eFTI4EU project substance as well as engage and involve relevant public bodies of countries in the ND area, especially those which are not direct project partners as well as in general facilitate intergovernmental dialogue on, and dissemination of, project activities and results.

Target groups

The target groups of the project are national authorities EU -wide.

Project duration

01.4.2023-30.3.2026 (36 months)

Budget and funding

Total Partnership Eligible Budget EUR 28 352 625,00 (Eu co-financing 50% of eligible costs, 50% partnership co-financing). The project is funded from the EU CEF TEN-T programme.

Project website(s)

(under preparation)

Project coordination

Eva Killar, Acting Head of Mobility, Ministry of Climate, Estonia


Nine (9) Member States as full beneficiaries (Estonia, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Lithuania, Belgium); they are participating with their Ministry in charge of the eFTI implementation and / or with internal Agencies acting on their behalf and /or in cooperation with selected IT companies for the pilot development

Three (3) Member States participating as observers (Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands)

Four (4) eFTI Consultant Companies with top level expertise in eFTI (PortExpertise, 51Biz Luxembourg, Digilogistika Keskus, Circle)

Three (3) IT companies providing software development for the pilots in their countries (Circle IT, Imprimerie Nationale FR, LT Normalis Tech LT)

One (1) international interministerial cooperation partnership in the Baltic area working under the Nordic Investment Bank

Two (2) other beneficiaries for the specific eFTI implementation in Lithuania (Transport Innovation Association and State Enterprise Klaipeda)