Openrisk II 2023-2026 (Interreg BSR)

The project OpenRisk II, funded from Interreg Baltic Sea Region from the 2023 Core Project call, will provide new, practical and user-centered risk management tools to support the competent authorities in preventing maritime accidents, minimizing their human and environmental consequences and improving the quality of overall maritime risk management, the latter also for other modes of transport.

Accordingly, the project will consist of three substantial components:

1)           The first component, on accident prevention, will be addressed by a Baltic adaptation of the AISyRISK tool ( ), in operational online use by authorities in Norway. In addition, a new module for ice navigation risk will be developed for use in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic. The end users of this tool are maritime authorities.

2)           The second component, on minimizing consequences, will be addressed by implementing a regional online service on vulnerability of the Baltic Sea marine ecosystem to maritime spills. In addition, the project will ensure compatibility between the project solutions and other existing systems and frameworks as well as prepare for integrated regional systems. The end users of this tool are national maritime authorities.

3)           The third component, an overall risk management performance, will develop a novel tool that includes two interlinked functions: to evaluate the current risk management performance of the administration and the quality of risk assessments. The end users of this tool are maritime authorities, as well as other transport authorities and relevant stakeholders.


As project partner, the NDPTL Secretariat will contribute with an overall link to regional intergovernmental transport policy work, supporting LP Traficom in overall project management, implement activities on tools for overall risk management performance and risk assessment quality evaluation as well as carry out activities of the wider dissemination component including organising project events.

Target groups

The target groups of the project are transport authorities in the ND area, especially maritime authorities, their intergovernmental cooperation frameworks as well as other relevant stakeholders.

Project duration

01.11.2023-31.10.2026 (36 months)

Budget and funding

Total Partner Budget EUR 2 041 349,90 (80% EU co-financing, 20% partner co-financing). The project is funded from the EU Interreg BSR programme.

Project website(s)

(under preparation)

Project coordination

Valtteri Laine & Mirka Laurila-Pant, Finnish Transport and Communication Agency (Traficom), Finland


Lead Partner Finnish Transport and Communication Agency (Traficom), Finland

Partner Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket), Norway

Partner Northern Dimension Partnership of Transportation and Logistics (NDPTL) Secretariat

Partner Aalto University, Finland

Partner Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

Partner University of Tartu, Estonia

Partner University of Helsinki, Finland

Associated Partner Estonian Ministry of Climate

Associated Partner Estonian Transport Administration

Associated Partner Swedish Maritime Administration

Associated Partner Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) Secretariat