NDPTL is a small, innovative and agile regional intergovernmental cooperation initiative in the field of transport -connecting the region across borders, institutions and sectors.

The Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics (NDPTL) was established in 2009 as a partnership in the Northern Dimension Policy. NDPTL is hosted by the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) with offices in Helsinki, Finland.

The NDPTL is a cooperation platform in the Transport and Logistics ecosystem, bringing together both the EU, EU countries and non-EU countries. The main focus of recent activities has been to catalyze regional transition to greener and smarter forms of transport. While the NDPTL is officially a governmental partnership, it also operates closely with other public and private organizations via time-limited projects in two main ways:

Firstly, represented by its Secretariat, NDPTL participates in externally funded projects as a consortium partner and beneficiary. These projects are an essential element of NDPTL work to develop regional solutions to common regional challenges of the partner countries. They enable channeling new ideas and innovation to the intergovernmental cooperation work.

Secondly, via its Support Fund, NDPTL acts as a project funding body supporting targeted studies on key transport and logistics. During 2013-2023 the NDPTL Support Fund has identified and supported ten regional projects with a total spending of EUR 6 Million, including EUR 2,4 Million grant from the Fund. These study projects have enabled investments leading to improvements of the regional transport connections in the Northern Dimension area, including enhancing maritime transport, inland navigation, use of railways, road transportation as well as digitalization of transport

NDPTL consists formally of two separate elements: the regional intergovernmental policy work, led by the NDPTL Steering Committee (SC), and project funding activities led by the NDPTL Assembly of Donors (AD). See separate section for more information.

Constituting Documents:

NDPTL Memorandum of Understanding

NDPTL Secretariat Agreement.