Safer, Smarter and Greener Arctic Road Transport

A High Level Seminar will take place on the 10-15 January, 2017, in Ivalo, Finland. The event is arranged by NDPTL and a group of Arctic companies.

Road transport is facing its most profound change since the introduction of cars in the 19th century.

Driven by technological advancements and the necessities of climate change, the established transport systems, vehicles, tyres and fuels are being reinvented. The innovations currently under development will reshape cities and daily life in the Arctic countries as well as the rest of the world. Following global trends, all Arctic region countries are speeding towards making transport smarter, safer and
greener. At the same time, the European Union is forming its own vision on how to reduce emissions and pollution in Europe. For Arctic businesses the change offers a possibility to sell new products and services worldwide. Yet it is the responsibility of national governments to ensure road safety for their citizens and enable the greatest possible mobility for businesses. This is why the Northern Dimension Partnership for Transport and Logistics (NDPTL) and a group of Arctic companies working in the transport sector are organizing a high-level seminar: Safer, Smarter and Greener Arctic Road Transport.