22nd NDPTL Steering Committee Meeting

In 2019 Latvia took over the Chairmanship of the NDPTL Steering Committee. This year the Memorandum of Understanding setting out the modalities of establishing the NDPTL expires. The Ministry of Transport of Latvia bears a task to finalise evaluation of the Partnership and prepare for the future continuation of cooperation.
The main topic of discussion in meeting of the NDPTL Steering Committee held on 13 March 2019 in the premises and under the Chairmanship of the Ministry of Transport of Latvia was evaluation of the 10 years of activities of NDPTL.

An international team of experts provided a view from outside of the NDPTL framework, which was discussed and compared with partnersĀ“ own views and positions.

This work is done as a part of preparing and formatting continuation of cooperation on the NDPTL platform in the coming years in order to achieve improved sustainability of the Partnership and adjust the NDPTL framework to match contemporary situation.