End user needs for new maritime transport risk management tools charted by the openrisk ii project

Earlier this week (6. & 7. March 2024), the Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics (NDPTL) Secretariat co-organised a two day public kick-off conference of the OpenRisk II project on state-of-the-art transboundary maritime risk management (2023-2026).

The international event “New Maritime Risk Management Tools & End User Needs ” hosted by the University of Helsinki, gathered more than 60 registered participants, including foreseen end users of project output and project partner institutions, to define end-user needs in the field of Maritime Risk Management -as well as to translate these needs to refining the OpenRisk II project implementation plans.

The first day was dedicated to identifying end user needs, with speakers and panellists from EU and intergovernmental organizations and initiatives (EUSBSR, EMSA, IALA & HELCOM) as well as competent national administrations from Norway and Finland. The first day concluded with a conference panel moderated by Hermanni Backer Johnsen, Director of the NDPTL Secretariat. The second day included targeted workshops to gather more detailed comments on the three key project products and their desired features.

The 2 Meur OpenRisk II project is co-funded by the EU Interreg BSR programme 2021-2027 and implemented during November 2023-October 2026. The project will develop and pilot state of the art tools for a shared navigational risk picture for the Baltic Sea region based on a regional adaptation of the Norwegian AISyRISK system (https://aisyrisk.no/), improving it with a new module on risks related to ice to navigation, for inclusion of environmental and biodiversity information to decision making related to response to oil spills at sea as well as for improving institutional capacity in risk management. In particular the ice module will have direct use also beyond the Baltic Sea region, as ice is a key navigational hazard also in the Arctic and other ice-covered seas of the world. The seven project partner institutions include NDPTL as well as competent national administrations and leading research institutions in Maritime Risks based in Finland, Norway, Estonia and Poland.

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Lead Partner Finnish Transport and Communication Agency (Traficom), Finland

Partner Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket), Norway

Partner Northern Dimension Partnership of Transportation and Logistics (NDPTL) Secretariat

Partner Aalto University, Finland

Partner Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

Partner University of Tartu, Estonia

Partner University of Helsinki, Finland