Co-ordination meeting between NDPTL and BEATA

Representatives of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation of Sweden, and Directors for NDPTL Secretariat and International Barents Secretariat met in Moscow on 7 December 2017.
The meeting was chaired by Mr. Sergey Aristov, State-Secretary, Deputy Minister of Transport of Russia. Among participants were Ms. Annelie Mannertorn from the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation of Sweden, Mr. Oddgeir Danielsen, Director of the NDPTL Secretariat, and Mr. Thomas Hallberg, Director of the International Barents Secretariat.

The meeting was held with a purpose to ensure good continuity of the activities of the NDPTL and Barents co-operations when the Russian Federation, chairing NDPTL HLM in 2017 and BEAC in 2016-2017 will hand over this task to Sweden in 2018.

The parties discussed the results achieved so far, future plans and priorities, as well as possibilities to enhance the co-operation between NDPTL and BEAC in order to avoid duplication of activities and save resources by finding even stronger synergies.

Both initiatives were assessed to be efficient and useful tools of the international co-operation, having their unique roles, but sharing some work areas where they support and help each other.