Coordinating Transport and Logistics Initiatives in the Northern Dimension Region

On 4 February a meeting of the NDPTL Working Group took place in the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland. Different international cooperation organisations met to discuss future ways of work, searching for synergies and avoiding overlaps of activities.

There is a number of cooperation fora acting in the area of the Northern Dimension that address transport and logistics issues in one or another way. In order to discuss possible synergies so as to higher the efficiency of the work done in this field and to better using the limited recourses the representatives from various international organisations met in Helsinki within the frames of the meeting of the NDPTL Working Group.

Representatives from NDPTL, CBSS, BEATA, HELCOM, EUSBSR, CPMR, VASAB attended the meeting together with representatives from the ministries of transport and foreign affairs.

Furthermore experts from different state authorities dealing with project development and implementation attended as well as other stakeholders.

It was acknowledged that the current situation in the field of international cooperation in the transport and logisticsĀ“ sector needs harmonisation and enhanced coordination. The participants gave the task to the NDPTL Secretariat to map existing initiatives in order to facilitate the future discussion on ways of working together supporting and supplementing each otherĀ“s activities.