NDPTL held a regional conference to discuss transport market integration within the Northern Dimension area

Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics (NDPTL) held a regional conference “Transport and Logistics solutions in the Northern Dimension from the development perspective of the High North” in Murmansk, the Russian Federation on 23 – 24 October 2012.

The objectives of the conference were to discuss connections of the European transport system with the neighbouring non-EU countries transport systems. To achieve closer transport market integration within the Northern Dimension (ND) area is one of the most important aims of the Partnership. Better links are needed within the Northern Dimension (ND) region to reduce remoteness and ensure connectivity. As well as further connections to the Northern Sea route, the Far East, the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions should be developed in response to the global development. The conference programme and the presentation could be found here.
NDPTL has defined the NDPTL Regional Transport Network and is working to identify and prioritize infrastructure and soft measures projects for development and implementation.
The conference was attended by various stakeholders, such as the Murmansk Regional Transport Minister, other representatives of the Regional Administration in Murmansk, the Russian Geographical society; the representatives of the International Financial Institutions – Nordic Investment Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Danish chair of the Steering Committee for the EUSBSR Priority Area on Maritime Safety & Security and other experts, policy makers and speechwriters.
A growing understanding of common opportunities, challenges and goals as well as the need for working together demonstrated that the NDPTL`s role in coordinating and building bridges with the neighbouring countries is creating a platform for the new joint transport and logistics projects and gives a new impetus for existing ones.
NDPTL endeavours to accelerate the implementation of major infrastructure projects within the Northern Dimension region, serving as a regional forum for transport and logistics issues and complementing the work of cooperation structures already in existence, with project financing to stem from national budgets, the EU, international financial institutions and relevant national financial institutions.