New NDPTL Year – High Level Meeting prolonged Memorandum of Understanding

NDPTL High Level Meeting (HLM) convened in Brussels 17 December. A major outcome was the prolongation of the NDPTL Memorandum of Understanding setting out grounds for continuation of cooperation within the frames of NDPTL for the next period of 5 years

High Level officials met in Brussels to take stock and review the NDPTL work during the past period and agree on future cooperation.

NDPTL was established in 2009 when 11 countries and European Commission signed in Naples “Memorandum of Understanding setting out the modalities of establishing the Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics”. During these years transport and foreign affairs ministries from the partner-countries worked hard in order to implement the common goals. The tools for practical implementation of the goals set out in the MoU are in place: the Secretariat is set up and working, the NDPTL transport networks and project screening methodology are agreed and the NDPTL Support Fund is created and commenced its operations launching support to the first 4 projects in November 2013.

NDPTL has established a wide network in the region facilitating coordination and cooperation, to avoid overlaps and duplication, within the field of Transport and Logistics and the HLM encouraged this to be even more important for the future.

NDPTL has proved to be an efficient instrument for developing transport and logistics system enhancing coherence and serving economic growth in the Northern Dimension area.
The “Declaration on Prolongation of the NDPTL Memorandum of Understanding” was adopted in the meeting.