Arctic Corridor presentation

he NDPTL Secretariat, together with the Arctic Corridor project, organized a project study presentation on the Arctic Corridor development.

The aim of the seminar was to present the results of the study and exchange views regarding the future development of transport infrastructure in the mining industry fields of the far North as well in connection with the increasing activities along the Northern Sea Route.

The Arctic Corridor was presented as a new cross-border economic area as well as a transport corridor which links the Baltic region with raw material resources, specifically the oil and gas fields located in the North and the deep-water ports in the Arctic Ocean, while also providing access to the Northern Sea Route. It could be the EU’s quickest connection to the Arctic region, thereby ensuring continuous transport of mineral recourses. Implementation of the projected rail would create positive stimulus for socio-economic development in the area. Consequently, many remarks were given on how to improve the study. The study is expected to be finalized by March 2012.

The seminar took place in Helsinki on 14 December 2011, at Nordic Investment Bank. The experts in transport and logistics field were invited.