Digitalisation in Transport and Logistics

A seminar/workshop dedicated to digitalisation and automation in transport and logistics was held in Riga on 6 November 2019
NDPTL partners gathered in Riga to share knowledge and experience and discuss their national strategies on digitalisation in transport and logistics.

Digitalisation and automation are high on the agenda of national authorities and various cooperation fora. New technologies are already making a heavy impact on transport and logistics sector and will continue changing and moulding this area in the nearest future.

While some of the approaches to these questions go in parallel in different countries, there are some differences that are to be compared and analysed. While some partners are more focused on smart road signs and web-applications, e-CMR and harmonising border-crossing procedures with the neighbouring countries, the others have gone further in analysing legal aspects and elaborating basic principles of handling data.
Participants assessed this event as interesting, useful and showing potential for future fruitful cooperation.The seminar was organised by the Ministry of Transport of Latvia, Chair of the NDPTL SC in 2019.