First NDPTL projects to be recommended for financing

The NDPTL Steering Committee meeting took place in Kaliningrad, Russia, on 26 September 2013. In the meeting the SC recommended to the DonorsĀ“ Assembly the first projects to be considered receiving financial support from the NDPTL Support Fund.

The final decision on project support is to be made by the NDPTL Support Fund DA (DonorsĀ“ Assembly) within November 2013.

NDPTL Support Fund was created to accelerate preparation of the projects aiming to strengthen the transport and logistics network in the region and remove major bottlenecks.

So far four parties have made donations to the fund (Finland, Norway, Germany and the European Commission).

Projects to be supported with grants will mainly include studies bringing projects of common regional interest closer to “bankability”, or “financebility”, or otherwise accelerate their final implementation.