NDPTL approves new project on digitalization of transboundary shipment information

The Assembly of Donors of the NDPTL has approved a new NDPTL Project on 10 November 2021 after a funding break of six years. The new project (001-2021 eCMR in ND Region) is led by Infobalt, Lithuania and will focus on digitalization of transboundary shipment information in the NDPTL partnership countries. The previous projects approved by NDPTL include the 012-2014 New Narvik Harbour (closed 31.3.2020) & 002-2015 Iron Ore Port LuleƄ (ongoing, final implementation date 22.9.2022), approved in November 2015.

The new project will catalyse the uptake of digital versions of the internationally agreed transboundary cargo protocols, or UNECE eCMR consignment notes, and related digital services, such as the EU EFTI regulation under implementation in those NDPTL countries which are also EU members. In concrete terms the project will carry out studies to identify legal and technological gaps in the implementation of the eCMR protocol in the NDPTL region. The project will also work to fill these gaps by developing the better solutions based on a series of legacy projects (DIGINNO, DINNOCAP). On a policy level the project will drafts also a regional roadmap of needed next steps in the NDPTL region, including the necessary follow-up initiatives.

The project aims for wide impact beyond the project partnership. Besides the Lithuanian coordinator Infobalt the project will involve partners from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark and Russia. The project will be closely linked to the work within the NDPTL, and involve all its Partners, via the new NDPTL Ad hoc Correspondence Group on Digitalization (NDPTL CGD, established on a trial basis by the NDPTL ) and by involving the NDPTL Secretariat staff in its regular activities. The project includes as a partner the Finnish project TUIJAN (CaaS Nordic Webinar II: North Sea-Baltic – The smartest transport corridor – YouTube at 35:00), with close links to the CAAS Nordic network (https://www.caasnordic.eu/) and the Federated Platforms project (http://www.federatedplatforms.eu/ ).  

The project 001-2021 eCMR in ND Region has a budget of EUR 400 000 and is funded from the EU contribution (ENPI/2014/352-339) to the NDPTL Support Fund. The project will be implemented during 2022-2023. The NDPTL Support Fund aims to accelerate the implementation of transport projects in the NDPTL area by providing funding to studies, planning and preparatory stages.

Contact the Project Coordinator Egidjius Skrodenis (egidjius.skrodenis@infobalt.lt) or the NDPTL Secretariat (hermanni.backer@ndptl.org) for further information or cooperation possibilities.