The 13th Russian Transport Week

The biggest annual transport event of Russia took place in Moscow 19-21 November.

The Russian Transport Week is an annual event that includes a series of nationwide and international activities dedicated to the transport industry. The Russian Ministry of Transport has hosted the event for the past eleven years. The event promotes open discussions on status and development of the most pressing transport issues and the strengthening of mutual understanding between representatives of the governments and the business community. The forum includes conferences and workshops devoted to the development and functionality of road, air, rail, sea, and river transport. The exhibition, in turn, demonstrates the latest developments and innovations within the transport industry. The content of these events largely determines the direction of future developments within the transport sector in Russia and its neighbouring and partner countries. This year the even did also mark the 210 years anniversary of the Russian Ministry of Transport.

More than 3,000 visitors annually attend the Transport of Russia Forum and Exhibition. All in all there are more than 5,000 participants in Transport Week.

This year, the Secretariat had the opportunity observing the following sessions:

•XII Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia”;

•IX International Congress -ERA-Glonass – ERA-GLONASS: technologies for citizens, business and governments.

•The workshop on International Transport Corridors – goals, concepts, cooperation.

More than 3,000 visitors annually attend the Transport of Russia Forum and Exhibition. Overall, more than 5,000 participants visited the Transport Week.

The Russian Transport Week is a most informative and professional arena for information regarding current and future transport and logistics issues in Russia. While having a strong focus on domestic development, international relations are also given notable attention. Although many visitors from Asian countries were present, larger presence of other international representatives – in particular from European countries would have been expected.

The sessions and workshops gave both insight and a good view of the Russian transport sector and its interaction with other countries.