NDPTL launches a new website

This updated website was launched today by the NDPTL Secretariat. It allows for fresher look, easier updating, better readability on mobile devices and cost effectiveness.

We hope you like it!

The new website was possible via funds provided by NIB from a donation from the Government of Finland. The new website was built on the WordPress platform by Wuores Oy, a small service provider based in Finland. The service provider was selected through a competitive round of requests for proposals to an extensive list of service providers in Finland.

The website renewal project was launched in June 2021 as part of the Finnish secondment to the NDPTL Secretariat, aiming to revitalise the Partnership.

If you think something could be better, please note that the Secretariat aims to update and improve the website continuously and would welcome any improvement suggestions from you. You can find our contacts under the “Contacts” page.