Seminar on ITS in Logistics in the Northern Dimension, Barents and Arctic Area

A high-level seminar with the theme ITS in Logistics within the Northern Dimension, Barents and Arctic Area was held in Helsinki on 18 June 2014. It was an ancillary event, running parallel with the 10th ITS European Congress & Exhibition, one of Europe’s largest events in Intelligent Transport Systems and Services.

European actors from both the public and private sectors, including among others representatives from the EU countries, Norway, Russia, Japan and China assessed new logistics and ITS possibilities to foster the development of smart transportation and growth in Europe. Focus was made on new ITS solutions to solve logistics challenges – soft measures, intelligent systems and rethinking our resources.

The seminar was attended among others by Mr. He Jianjhong, Vice-Minister of Transport of China, who delivered an interesting speech on future global development of the international trade route – The Northern Sea Route – in the light of the newest trends and perspectives of the Northern territories.

The international seminar offered an excellent opportunity to promote cooperation, create networks and share insights into the new challenges in international trade, modern infrastructure and services in the development of the Northern and Arctic areas.